CINAVICINA- A closer look on China


From May 23rd to June 08th the CinaviCina Festival is taking place in one of the  most fascinating city: Rome and the exhibits of art and culture and traditional performances of the world’s most populous country will be even hosted in one of the Renzo Piano ‘s pearl of architecture, the Auditorium Parco della Musica.


The Auditorium’s construction began in September 1995. At north of Parioli District and at East from Flaminio District and just at south from the Olympic Village, the location was accurately chosen to foster a new dignity in this area. This intent is also underlined by the concept that this building wants to represent as both source of attraction and as source for everyday local use.auditorium

The Auditorium has three Music Halls named after Santa Cecilia, Petrassi and Sinopoli, which are immersed in a large park with trees with an impressive theatrical cavea, facing the Olympic Village.


The CinaviCina Festival is jointly produced by the Fondazione Musica for Rome and the Centre of International Cultural Exchange, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China. The Fondazione Musica worked on this project for two years, trying to take the most of the Chinese culture, individuating the most preminent rapresentatives in all the creative fields: from traditional songs and dances to the theatre and the cinema, to cuisine, massage and kung fu. The Festival ‘s name takes origin from the movie auditorium2of the Italian director Marco Bellocchio entitled “La Cina è vicina” (China is close), screened at the Venice Festival of the Cinema in 1967. Never as before China is felt “close” to Europeans like today, not only as a commercial partner and/or opponent as in first instance it has been for decades but even as a cultural identity with its own history and costumes.  This Festival wants to enlarge the cultural vision of China in Europe and help the intercultural exchange. Dialogue and knowledge can only strengthen the al comprehension of two civilisations that are so distant in many different ways. Highly appreciated by the Chinese Embassy in Italy, Sun Yuxi, who highlighted the importance for the relation among Italy and China.


The Festival covers different kind of exhibitions and displays. We will be fascinated from the beginning and get to the mood with the Dongguan Shipai Lion Dancing Troupe, which opens the event and “Sticks” is the dance show of the Guandong Modern Dance Company. with Kung Fu will be the main key in the spectacle of the Gongfu MonkGroup of the Shoalin Temple (June 1st and 2nd), the Changqing Acrobatic Troupe will stun viewers with amazing acrobatic routines (May 28th – 29th). About music we will pass through the Mongolia Chorus accompanied by local instruments thanks to the Mongolia Youth Chorus and the Butterfly girls Band (June 07th and 8th) until the modern music exhibitions of the eminent composer Guo Wenjing (May 23rd – 24th). Mongolian Choir

If you plan to visit Italy during this period, and maybe are looking forward into opening an enterprise with Chinese counterparts, then do not hesitate to participate in this unforgettable initiative. Book you stay in one of the stylish hotels in Rome-YES HOTEL, from which you will easily reach Auditorium.

And, yes, China is near, China is here, in Rome.

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