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Rome Festival Tango

Tango is fascinating . Tango is sensual. Tango has become a global music genre because of the passion that expresses and of its elegance.


A little history ! From the beginning in the middle of the XVIII century, down by the Rio de la Plata river in the coasts of Argentina and Uruguay, and for more than a century Tango music searched for a respect, the dance was refused by intellectuals and rich people. Just consider that in the early days it was only danced among men because it was not accepted that a lady could, it was almost an scandal. Something similar happened with jazz until it was finally accepted as a form of art, evolution and sophistication. In Rome you can actually take up a class of tango

Jorge Luis Borges

Jorge Luis Borges, the argentinian writer, made an important contribution for its acceptance, including ‘’tangueros’’ characters in his short stories and poems and revealing by that the magic contained in the rhythm and the social aspects of a way of life.


In 1917, the first tango song with lyrics was recorded by Carlos Gardel ‘‘Mi noche triste’’ linking tango with the feeling of tragic love as said in the lyric. Tango lyrics also describe the urban landscape and the life of the marginal in the society, with the nostalgy of time lost that was much better, the youth, as well as moral lesson in many cases.


Nowadays tango means fun and exercise for the legs of both sexes, ladies and gentlemen (why not the chance to begin a romance).

Carlos Gardel

From September 6th to 18th, Tango will be celebrated at the Parco della Musica in Rome, Buenos Aires Tango, a festival where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the exhibitions of the most famous artists and also important artists coming directly from the city who will express freely the feeling of Tango at the its purest form. The Tango festival, unique in its kind in Europe, is produced by the” Musica per Roma Foundation”.


Over 23 shows are scheduled, and courses in dancing will feature, and so will wokshops, a photographic exhibition ,a film exhibition (with films of Carlos Gardel a legendary singer and actor compared with Rodolfo Valentino whose voice is a symbol of Tango itself). On top of all , an actual tango club will be set up ‘‘Club de Tango’’in the Studio Teatro where will be a real ‘‘milonga’’ (the place where you dance and have a blast).

Guapo tanguero, the urban version of the gaucho of the Pampas
Among the shows that will be presented Adriana Varala a performer that reveals the most traditional way of tango singing, the melancholy sound of Pablo Mainetti’s bandoneón (a sort of accordion wich is the most representative instrument in tango music), the dancers Gloria and Eduardo, living legends of Argentine tango, the voice of Dolores Solà, accompanied by Cuarteto Decarísimo, Noche de Tango, a kind of musical marathon to be held in Piazza Navona. Performances of the highest level, with The Orquesta El Arranque, singer Noelia Moncada, and two shows dedicated to Horacio Salgán, the legendary Argentinian pianist and composer of many classic standards.


For more info see Romanotizie and the Auditorium

(it’s in italian) or just call 06-80241281, tickets price is 12-20 euro.

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