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There is a grandeur in this view of life,

In which endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful,

Have been, and are being, evolved.

Two hundred years after the birth of Darwin, Palazzo Esposizioni in Rome celebrates this outstanding figure depicting a picture of a man in wonder.

The exhibition, based on a previous one organized in New York by the American Museum of Natural History, will guide visitors not only throughout the theories but even along the entire life of the “father of the evolutionism”, trying to recollect his historical and personal background.


The world before Darwin

Darwin introduced dynamism in a world that was then conceived as static and unchanged since its creation. There was no link between the species and human beings were not included in the natural world. Earth itself was thought to be much younger (around 6,000 years old). This idea of the world was the reflection of how people lived at that time. Just think that people never travelled or rarely left the city where they were born and children were to live the same lives of their parents.

  From a bored student to an enthusiastic naturalist


Born in 1809 in the rural England as a son of a doctor (and then clergyman), Darwin was an indifferent student. But despite his dislike for school, he was always eager to observe the natural world and was enthusiast about chemistry, biology and botany. His life changed completely in 1831, when he accepted the invitation to take part to a voyage around the world which brought him to the coasts of South America and the South Pacific.

After 5 years abroad, he went back to London now as an established naturalist, due to the prestige that granted him the astonishing collections he had sent ahead.


The development of the theory came out gradually soon after, but only in 1842 he produced his legendary work, the Origin of Species.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Via Nazionale 194 – 00184 Roma

Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: from 10 am till 8 pm
Fridays and Saturdays: from 10 am till 10:30 pm
Mondays: closed
full price € 12,50 – reduced price € 10,00

How to reach the museum

Underground line A (stop Repubblica)
Underground line B (stop Cavour)
Bus: 64-70-71-116T-117-170-640-H
(stop Nazionale/Palazzo Esposizioni)

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