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afrika [320x200] The multimedia artist André Heller brings to Italy a wonderful troupe. The best performance and the best group to express the culture and artistic traditions of Africa.

In a tour that lasted two years, covering the whole continent, the black circus has gathered nearly three million viewers across Europe. AFRIKA! AFRIKA! is a sensual discovery of Africa by André Heller who aims to enchant the audience with its energy.

afrika3 [320x200]Heller recruited more than 100 artists, including tightrope walkers, singers, dancers, musicians, among the descendants of the great migration that has brought the Africans over the centuries both in the Americas and in Europe and the Middle East. His aim was to give the Africans a European stage large enough to express their art.

This is a unique opportunity to discover the African culture, which ‘’shows that Africa is very different from that packed too often stereotyped by the media,” as André Heller emphasizes.

In his review of Afrika! Afrika!, The German magazine Der Spiegel called the show ”the  realm of street artists and the place to save the taste of life”. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung even stated: ”The doctors should presafrika_afrika_new2_310cribe Afrika! Afrika! for therapeutic purposes!”.

Enjoy the magical AFRIKA! AFRIKA!, for the first time in Italy. This Spring in Milan from April 28 to May 3 (at Mediolanumforum) and in Rome May 5-9 (at the Palalottomatica Arena). Discover a continent that is a priceless treasure of cultural traditions and creativity. See artists who move their bodies with natural grace and ease give back to the verb ”to play” the right semantic value: acting and playing, fun precisely.

So why not see it while you stay in the beautiful city of Rome? For further information send a mail to or or if you are looking for accomodation, take a look at our websites: Yes Hotel and Hotel des Artistes



Palalottomatica Arena
Piazzale dello Sport, Roma
Near Subway station EUR Fermi (Blue Line)

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