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The list of things to do is neverending and it would be a miracle to fit everything in on a short stay in Rome. There is something to visit around every street corner and every area has it’s distinct monuments, churches and museums to marvel at. Whatever your amount of time in Rome it is best to have a rough idea of what you want to see as a priority and try and plan your days to their fullest with a good pair of walking shoes on hand!

Our reception staff will be hand during your stay to give you good tips and tourist information as well as supplying you with a city map complete with public transportation info. However before your arrival you can already start planning your itinerary, take a look at what we believe to be the main hot spots to visit whilst staying in the eternal city.

Rome’s most renowned Piazzas

Rome is absolutely full of small squares and immense piazza’s that will take your breath away. Wandering around the city you will find yourself in many of these, each original in it’s style and beauty. A stay in Rome will not be long enough tovisit and discover all the squares of this eternal city, but you may like to take a look at what Hotel Des Artistes Dependance rome considers to be the ones absolutely not to be missed!

Piazza Navona

Probably the most commentated of all roman piazzas, Piazza Navona is of great beauty and unique style. The atmosphere in this large oval shaped square is always pleasantly relaxing despite the buzz of visitors that adorn it’s pavements from morning to night.

There is an abundance of entertainment here, with the top end being full of street artists (whatever the weather) just waiting to do your portrait. Stroll around the stalls and take a look at the artwork on sale which is to a very high standard, whilst marvelling at the various street entertainers that are never far away! This is a great place to stop and have a bite to eat, especially in the evening when the piazza is vibrant with life (prices are above the average for those who choose to eat in such glorious surroundings).

The piazza has three fountains running along it’s centre line with the most impressive in the middle and known as the fountain of four rivers created by Bernini. For those travelling to Rome at christmas time or in the New Year don’t forget to check out the christmas market in this square with a carousel and plenty of candy stalls for the children.

Piazza di Spagna

Located in the heart of the hisoric centre in what may well be considered one of the more chic quarters of the city, Piazza di Spagna is a true original in character and charm. The square in itself is lined with some of the world’s most exclusive shops including the jewellers Georg Jensen, the ‘alta moda’ of Christian Dior and Dolca and Gabbana and the chocolate specialists Godiva.

However the great shopping is not the main focal point , but instead the impressive staircase known as the spanish steps which leads upto the elegant church Trinità dei Monti. From here you have an excellent view over the square below and the rooftops of Rome. Always very busy it is a famous roman meeting point (especially on a Saturday afternoon). P

oints of interest in the square include the boat fountain centrally located, the reputable Babbington’s tea shop and the Shelley and Keats memorial museum.

Piazza Fontana di Trevi

This absolute ‘must see’ square is completely dominated by the enormous fountain that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The Trevi Fountain is attached to the side of a building known as the ‘Palazzo Poli’ and the theme represented is the contrasting calm and stormy seas with the dominant figure of Neptune at it’s centre.

Legend would have it that you must throw a coin into the fountain in order to ensure your return to the eternal city, and in actual fact you will find that this is the main activity for those standing at the waters edge.

There is a seating area all tha way around the fountain (although it is not always wasy to find a place!) and there are various ice cream parlours and take away pizza places scattered around the square for those wishing to have a bite to eat whilst looking out onto one of the most marvellous fountains the world has ever seen.

Piazza Campo dei Fiori

Directly translated means the field of flowers and true to it’s name here you will find Rome’s largest flower market along with fruit and vegetables sold daily. For the early birds you will also find a wide selection of fresh fish.

The square is buzzing with life and vibrant colours in the morning due to this famous market, and during the evening due to it’s reputation for being full of entertainment for those looking for a bit of nightlife.

he square is lined with pubs and bars as well as eateries of all types, there really is something for everyone including a cinema and ice cream parlour serving great nutella ice cream! Campo dei Fiori is particularly well frequented during the summer months when people drink outside in the open square.

Piazza San Pietro

Here Bernini has really left his mark. The square is of vast dimensions and standing in the middle of this enormous piazza makes you feel very small! At the entrance to St. Peters Basilica this large open area is lined with columns with statues on the top of every one.

An obelisk takes centre stage in the middle of the square and for those visiting during christmas time there is human sized nativity scene and extremely large christmas tree to be marvelled at. On Wednesday mornings from this square you can attend the papal audience as the pope conducts a special service.

Just outside the walls of this splendid Vatican square there is an abundance of souvenir stores where one can buy anything from a rosary to a gold leafed mosaic.

Piazza del Popolo

Located at the very top of Rome’s famous shopping street ‘Via del Corso’ the Piazza del Popolo is an immense open square that strikes you for it’s sheer size and main focal point, two nearly identical churches that stand side by side in all their grandeur dating back to the 17th century.

Here there is also the well visited church of Santa Maria del Popolo that is origially of medieval roots although it was rebuilt in the 15th century. The square has as it’s centre the ancient obelisk of Ramessess II (1200BC) and refreshments can be taken in the famous cafè Rosati located at one corner of the piazza (although not a cheap option!).

The square in ancient times was used as a stage for games and performances and to this day things have not changed greatly. Piazza del Popolo hosts many open air free concerts every year and on New Years Eve there is always a spectacular firework display from here.

Piazza Venezia

Unlike the majority of the roman squares that offer a relaxing retreat and romantic atmosphere, Piazza Venezia couldn’t be more different! Noisy and chaotic there is no lack of traffic and with plentiful bus stops dotted around it is certainly not a peaceful experience! However, a trip to Rome would not be complete without a visit to the affectionately nicknamed ‘wedding cake’ and officially named monument of Vittorio Emmanuele.

The stunning white marble statue will exceed all expectations and is a real contrast to the nearby ancient ruins that were in part destroyed to make way for this incredibly adventurous architectural structure. From here you have the Capitoline Hill to one side and the Colosseum and Roman Forum to the other, making it an area of the city not to be missed.

Piazza Colonna

Probably not a square that will be on your list of priorities it is however a square that you will no doubt come across due to it’s strategic position in the very heart of the city centre half way down themain shopping street ‘Via del Corso’.

Piazza Colonna is a governmental square housing the famous Palazzo Chigi (seat of the president of the council). Apart from these important governmental headquarters you will find a couple of large 4 star hotels and at the centre of the square the column of Marcus Aurelius. Cutting through this piazza from the ‘Corso’ you will find yourself heading in the direction of the Pantheon, and just off of the square is the famous ice cream parlour Giolitti’s... quite irresistable!

Piazza del Campidoglio

During your stay in Rome you are bound to find yourself in the vicinity of this prestigous and antique square due to it’s centrally located position at the end of the Roman Forum and to the side of the rather immense and modern monument of Vittorio Emmanuele.

With busy buzz of traffic down below in Piazza Venezia, Piazza Campidoglio is a great haven located up on the Capitoline Hill overlooking with a superb viewing bay the ruins of what was once the roman empire and further in the distance the protruding Palatine Hill and dominant Colosseum. Today the square is home to the Capitoline Museums where one can visit such treasures as the statue of the head of the emperor Constantine and the famous Lupa Capitoline.

The piazza can be reached by both the stairs leadinf from the Roman Forum or from Piazza Venezia, and even if you do not have intentions of visiting the actual museums the square is still worth a visit.

Piazza Barberini

Hardly the piazza that one would go to to relax this square can be found in the centre of the historic centre and certainly is not lacking in noise and confusion! It can be found at the base of Via Veneto and at the top of Via del Tritone which leads down into the main shopping district.

The piazza is actually a large roundabout with heavy traffic continuously whizzing around it, andhere you will also find the metro A stop ‘Barberini’. However Piazza Barberini does have it’s points of interest including the two fountains designed by Bernini, the Fountain of Triton and the Fountain of Bees, as well as the prestigous and historic Palazzo Barberini (home for many years to the noble Barberini Family and now home to the National Gallery of Ancient Art).

Piazza Santa Maria In Trastevere

Located across the river Tiber on the same side as the Vatican, this square is located in one of the oldest romn quarters that there is. Trastevere is a real buzz of vibrant roman life and a stroll around it’s backstreets is to really get a tste of the traditional style of life in the city.

You will find here some of the best trattorias and restaurants with classic roman dishes to be sampled on every corner. The Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere is a relatively small square that links this great maze of streets and has it’s main focal point as the important Basilica Santa Maria in Trastevere, a real beautiful church with a splendid facade of gold mosaics ringed around it’s top end.

Both during the day and illuminated by night the church is quite spectacular and it is quite possible to sit and marvel at it over refreshments at one of the squares bars or ice cream parlours. This piazza is particularly lively in the summer months when people take to gathering and drinking cool beer out in the open square.

Trastevere is certainly not lacking in entertainment and atmosphere.

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