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Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day and likewise it is just as difficult to see it in a day! If you are on a very short break away and don’t want to miss out on any of the main sightseeing stops then you could consider taking a guided tour that incorporates a great deal in a short time span and allows you the possibility to cram in as much as is possible!

Alternatively maybe you are interested in a certain area or monument and feel like you need a guide on hand to explain more about it, then why not try one of the tours that we offer? Hotel Des Artistes Dependance Rome has a tour desk that can book a number of great tours at reasonable rates so let us take care of your itinerary so you can relax and enjoy your break away to the fullest.

All tours can be booked directly with us in the hotel or alternatively you can contact us for further information and an advanced booking. Want to book online today or take a look at the many specialised tours on offer? Don’t Delay....... Book Today!

Walking Tours courtesy of Enjoy Rome

Meeting points will be specified at the time of booking and groups will not exceed 25 people. All tours are approximately 3 hours long. Take a look at what is on offer and don’t forget that some of these options are available as part of our package deals.

Rome tourTur in romemonument of the unknown soldier

Ancient and Old Rome – 22 euro per person (26 years old and under) and 27 euros per person (over 26 years old)

A good pair of walking shoes are definately the order of the day for this tour. In just 3 hours you will be taken on a journey through historic rome savouring the Coloseeum in all it’s grandeur, the glory of the incredible Roman Forum that has been lovingly preserved for all to view, the Capitoline Hill from where you can witness stunning views over the roman ruins, the Trevi Founatin (don’t forget to throw a coin in to ensure your return to Rome!), the peculiar and breathtaking Pantheon and last but not least the picturesque Piazza Navona where by now you will be surely ready for a refreshment in one of the many cafès and bars lining this square!

Vatican City - 25 euro per person (26 years old and under) and 30 euros per person (over 26 years old)

A trip to Rome would not be complete without a step out of Italy and into the Vatican state. The sheer dimensions and grandeur will leave you speechless and with so much to feast your eyes on a guided tour is a great way to better understand all that you are looking at! This complete tour will take you around the stunning St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as around the famous Vatican museums including the Sistine Chapel. Your guide will aid you with great stories of the history and interesting tales that will make your trip even more intriguing and very exciting!

Night Tour RomeNight Rome Tours

Night Tour - 22 euro per person (26 years old and under) and 27 euros per person (over 26 years old)

Rome by night is an undescribable beauty. The city is well illuminated when the sun goes down and all famous monuments and churches are lit up in all their glory creating a magical and mysterious atmosphere that should defnately be wirnessed whilst staying in the eternal city. After a day busy sightseeing it may not be particularly appealing to venture out once more onto the cobbled stone streets but we are sure you won’t be disappointed. Covering the main hot spots such as the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona it is a great opportunity to witness city in it’s more romantic, suggestive state.

Jewish Rome and Trastevere - 22 euro per person (26 years old and under) and 27 euros per person (over 26 years old)

These are areas that are often overlooked in place of other hot spots but we are sure that you won’t be disappointed with a visit to this ancient district. Trastevere really is one of the oldest quarters in Rome and the winding maze of streets and antique buildings are oozing classic roman style that is just waiting to be soaked up by the eager visitor. You will pass by various time periods ranging from the dark medieval ages to the splendid baroque era and have the possibility to be guided through a labrynth of roads that could be quite daunting to find by ones self!

Bus Tours courtesy of Green Line Tours

Prefer to be chaperoned around the city and keep the walking to a minimum?! A bus tour could be the best option for who likes the idea of being picked up and dropped off at the hotel door as well as being transported from sight to sight. Green Line Tours are a reputable tour operator that have over 30 years experience in city tours throughout Italy and their multilingual staff offer a high standard of service to the client. Take a look at what is on offer and don’t forget that some of these options are available as part of our package deals.

Panoramic Shuttle Tour – 18 euro per person for 24 hour ticket validity and 22 euro for 48 hours

The concept is a hop on hop off system that allows you the freedom to use these shuttle buses all day long to get to the most important sights in Rome. You will be supplied with a map of the location of all stops and timetable allowing you to best plan your day taking in all that there is to see along the route. The real advantage is that whilst you are on the bus you will find a guide giving you useful information along the way and available to answer all of your queries and assist you. So if you don’t fancy tackling the roman transportation system alone this is a great opportunity to relax and be taken from doorstep to doorstep covering the most importnt tourist attractions.

Classical Rome – 35 euro per person

Probably one of the more popular tours the classical rome tour is a great chance to get a glance at some of rome’s most treasured locations all in just one morning! The tour consists of a 3 hour visit of some of Rome’s most famous hot spots including the Trevi Fountain, and the breathtaking Pantheon. Your guide will be commenting along the way on interesting tales and facts about the city and will end with an extensive visit of the interior of St Peter’s Basilica. Clients are brought back to the vicinity of the hotel unless you wish to stay on in the Vatican area for a longer perusal at your own leisure.

Imperial Rome – 35 euro per person

The colosseum is definately a must see in Rome and no doubt a visit to the eternal city would not be complete without a trip to what can only be described as one of the great wonders of the world. This guided tour incorporates a visit to he Roman Forum and the possibility to admire the ruins from up high on the Capitol Hill, as well as taking in the relatively modern but breathtaking monument of Vittorio Emmanele which is often referred to as the wedding cake! The tour does not actually include a visit insdie the Closseum but you will learn a great deal from your guide on this spectacular architectural structure from the outside. The tour ends with a stop at the further afield Basilica St. Pauls which can be overlooked by visitors as it is not in the main city centre, but well worth the visit. For all church visits it is important that knees and shoulders are covered.

Illuminated Rome

– 39 euro per person Stunning by day, spectaculra by night. The eternal city is particularly well lit up by night and main sights are illuminated in all their glory. For those who feel tired after a long day of sightseeing but don’t want to miss out on the splendors of Rome by night, this tour is the perfect solution. Your guide will chaperone you around the city by bus allowing you to sit back and take in the wonders of Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza Venezia, the immense Piazza del Popolo as well as a ride along the river to the mysterious Castel Sant’Angelo and the nearby Vatican city glowing by the backdrop of night. Unfortunately two stops are necessary along the way but you won’t be disappointed as you get off the coach to visit the illuminated Trevi Foutain and Piazza Navona, two of the most romantic locations by night.

Christian Rome – 43 euro per person

Want to pay particular attention to the religous aspect of the capital of christianity then this may be the perfect tour for you. A trip around the city taking in the christian aspect of Rome enables you to gain a greater insight into tales of the church in years gone by as well as a factual account of the marvellous churches that now line the streets of Rome. The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is the first stop along the way, and the Basilica of St. Johns in Lateran shortly follows. These are two principal basilicas in the city that one may not thinto visit as they are located outside the belt of the main historic centre but non the less just as important and splendid as other tourist attractions. The tour continues out onto the Appian Way where you will have the possibility to visit the famous catacombs S. Callisto, Santa Domitilla or San Sebastiano to complete this brief but intense introduction into christian Rome.

Papal Audience – 35 euro per person

Planning on seeing the Pope whilst in Rome? If you are here on a Wednesday then that could be arranged! Green Line Tours would be happy to escort you to your appointment which takes place in the Vatican city often outside in St, Peters square and see’s the pope conduct a service for all of his followers. The experience is unique and made all the more appealing by the fact that you have a tour guide with you feeding you interesting facts along the way as well as passing by other main attractions to and from the Vatican making this an exceptionally well worth morning of sightseeing.

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